Dwelling (KMIDH0019)


NOTE/ REMEMBER: All Dwelling/ Dwelling‘s is also required, to have plans be submitted to a Municipality in South Africa for approval. Should Dwelling/ Dwelling‘s be used as accommodation for a person, whole new requirement for SANS/ NBR standards need to be adhered to.


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Square Meter:         17.906m2

Length:                   3.460 m

Width:                     5.175 m

Design Style/ Roof: GABLE Roof, IBR ROOF SHEET

Bedrooms:              1

Bathrooms:             1

Living room:            0

Kitchen:                  0

Garages:                0



  • When submitting the plans to a Municipality, you will need additional drawings.
  • Site Plan: This is specific to your erf/ Stand
  • SANS Calculations (energy efficiency in buildings): This is specific to your erf, rotation of the house on the erf and town/ zone.

Contact us should you require us to draw this OR you could request any registered SACAP person to draw this for you

  • On Purchase you will get in the .zip download file
  • Plans in DWG format
  • Plans in PDF format
  • Documentation


Additional information

Area (Square Meters)

Number of bathrooms

Number of bedrooms


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